We customize career plans for students.
We strive to help international students to grow.

We are committed to providing students with the opportunities to prepare for the future by experiencing the real-world workplace through a variety of programs.We sincerely hope that each student can be included in our elite professional networks to get technical supports and trainings.

Zhang | Asset Management Intern

Highlight: Lack of previous working experience.

S | Investment Banking Intern

Highlight: Pretty Clear about future career path but lack of connections.

Kike | Hollywood Media Intern

Highlight: Want to work with top ranked movie companies to learn deeper about movie and media.

Ybernai | Venture Capital Intern

Highlight: Lack of real-world working experience in venture capital related fields.

Siran | Sales & Trading Intern

Highlight: Want to challenge herself and be unique.

Lavender | Insurance Intern

Highlight: Low GPA, want to be more competitive in the job hunting market.

Eddie | E-Commerce Marketing Intern

Highlight: Lack of connections and networking skills.

Riley | Software Engineer Intern

Highlight: Want to working in top ranked self-driving technology companies.

Q | Financial Analyst Intern

Highlight: Lack of American based professional experiences.

TONY | Financial Analyst Intern

Highlight: Almosy empty previous experience.